BookBlock: A Content Flip Plugin - Now with RTL Support

There are many content flipping plugins out there; some are free and some aren't. BookBlock is a the perfect one for me since it's free, JavaScript based(it's a jQuery plugin) and it works perfectly!

BookBlock is a jQuery plugin that can be used for creating booklet-like components that allow a “page flip” navigation. Any content can be used, such as images or text. The plugin transforms the structure only when needed (i.e. when flipping a page) and uses some overlays as shadow for the pages to create more realism.

But again, my main problem with almost every good work is the RTL support; this plugin had none! So, I forked the github repository and added the RTL support.

I had to change 8 JS statements only and flipped the CSS ofcourse to get the RTL support working. To create a "BookBlock" with RTL support, all you have to do is set the newly added option rtl to true:

$( '#bb-bookblock' ).bookblock( {rtl:true} );

You can download it from the github project: layalk / BookBlock-RTL

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below(especially if it doesn't work)

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This script:
is based on BookBlock and so can be easily "RTL"ed.
I'll be apperciated if you rtl this script.

Good Plugin , I will test it

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