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Twitter Bootstrap is a very nice HTML/CSS/JavaScript front-end toolkit that is full featured with grid and responsive layouts and many UI components. They say it's "Designed for everyone, everywhere.", but I have to strongly disagree; it has no RTL support.

The good news is: Abdullah Diaa(from Egypt) was super nice to add the RTL support to the Twitter Bootstrap and upload it for us to enjoy. Check it out at his github repo.

There's nothing I love more than stumbling upon web developers who are passionate about RTLing the web =)

UPDATE: Thanks saeed for the notice. Twitter Bootstrap v2.3.1 can now be downloaded at Hamed Ramezanian's github repo.

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This tool help any one want to RTL OR LTR any css file.

That is an outdated version, its last update was 6 months ago and for V 2.1.0

Here is a better and up to-date repo - Version 2.3.1

Thanks saeed for the notice. Post is updated. supports building various versions of Bootstrap with RTL support. Full disclosure: I developed BootSwatchr.

this is the best way to get RTL support of bootstrap v3.0.3
افا کیارش خیلی کارت درسته کارت حرف نداره
نوکرتم حاجی

thanks a lot.

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