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Quick Tip: RTLing the CSS3 "border-radius" property

Here's a quick tip when RTLing one of the cool CSS3 properties: border-radius.

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Quick Tip: RTLing the CSS3 "text-shadow" property

Here's a quick tip when RTLing one of the cool CSS3 properties: text-shadow.

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jQuery plugin: FlexSlider now with RTL Support

FlexSlider is an awesome, fully responsive and almost perfect jQuery slider plugin. Unfortunately it lacks RTL support. The good news is that it required few CSS and JS modifications to add the RTL support to it.

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RTLing an Apycom Menu

I've received couple of requests to RTL the Apycom menus. They're really nice and animated jQuery menus that you can use for free(non-profit websites only). And like all other modern menu plugins, all styling can be controlled through CSS. So RTLing an Apycom menu is simply RTLing its CSS.

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Lof JSliderNews jQuery Plugin - Now with RTL Support

I've received a request asking to add RTL support to a jQuery slider plugin called Lof JSliderNews Plugin . Adding the RTL support was so simple and easy. Here's how it went:

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BookBlock: A Content Flip Plugin - Now with RTL Support

UPDATE: The latest version of Book Block now supports RTL. No need to use my version anymore. Get it from codrops/BookBlock

There are many content flipping plugins out there; some are free and some aren't. BookBlock is a the perfect one for me since it's free, JavaScript based(it's a jQuery plugin) and it works perfectly!

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RTL fix for the "Administration menu" module(Drupal 7 version)

"Administration menu" is a very popular Drupal module. You can almost find it everywhere. It:

Provides a theme-independent administration interface (aka. navigation, back-end). It's a helper for novice users coming from other CMS, a time-saver for site administrators, and useful for developers and site builders.

Administrative links are displayed in a CSS/JS-based menu at the top on all pages of your site. It not only contains regular menu items — tasks and actions are also included, enabling fast access to any administrative resource your Drupal site provides.

What makes it even better is that it comes with RTL support(perfect!). There's a problem though with its D7 release candidate: the RTL just doesn't work well. Just when I was just about to scan the CSS to fix it, I found out that someone has already done the job. The solution can be found in this submitted issue: "No dropdown menus in RTL language"; hejazee submitted the magical patch at comment #34 and it works perfectly!

This patch is based on the development release, so make sure you install the dev release before applying it. Enjoy =)

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Twitter Bootstrap: RTL Support

Twitter Bootstrap is a very nice HTML/CSS/JavaScript front-end toolkit that is full featured with grid and responsive layouts and many UI components. They say it's "Designed for everyone, everywhere.", but I have to strongly disagree; it has no RTL support.

The good news is: Abdullah Diaa(from Egypt) was super nice to add the RTL support to the Twitter Bootstrap and upload it for us to enjoy. Check it out at his github repo.

There's nothing I love more than stumbling upon web developers who are passionate about RTLing the web =)

UPDATE: Thanks saeed for the notice. Twitter Bootstrap v2.3.1 can now be downloaded at Hamed Ramezanian's github repo.

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jQuery Mobile in RTL

Since everyone is talking about developing for mobile these days and how it became a must, jQuery released the "jQuery Mobile" framework that is:

A unified, HTML5-based user interface system for all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Its lightweight code is built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible, easily themeable design.

My only(and huge) problem with it is that it lacks any RTL support. Luckily, Moutaz Shams decided to do something about it and RTLed the framework. Now how cool is that? =)

You can try and download this unofficial release at

Hoping jQuery will consider RTL support in an official release in the near future. Maybe they'll consider the jQuery UI widgets too

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